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Beth Little

I have always been drawn to contemporary artwork that employs an element of subtle humor. My personal work has been described as both childish and sophisticated, whimsical, and oftentimes provocative. Music is my second love, and I adore creating conceptual portraits of musicians, so much so that I based my MFA thesis on it. I like to work digitally or with traditional materials like watercolor, ink, graphite, charcoal, and oil paint.


Professionally, I have over 2 decades worth of illustration and graphic design experience. I very much enjoy conceptual work, including book covers, editorial illustrations, and celebrity portraiture. My work has been featured in SheKnows Magazine and The Drummers Journal. I have done book covers and interior book illustrations for John Mark Green, Chrissie Anderson Peters, and David Nadolny. My design experience has been primarily in production (direct mail, logos, business cards, postcards, etc.) with companies like Valassis, Clipper Magazine, and One Brand Marketing. As part of my MFA, I completed a social media internship with Bookstr, as well as a teaching internship at SCAD.


I have an MFA in Illustration from SCAD (2022), a BFA in Painting from Arizona State University (2007), and an AA in Visual Communication (1996). I suppose it is worth noting that I was also valedictorian of my high school class in 1995. I now live somewhere in the beautiful Appalachian mountains, and work as a design & illustration professor at a local university, as well as an adjunct instructor for an online university.

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