From the moment she could hold a pencil, Beth has been making marks of various shapes, sizes, and colors in an attempt to communicate. Her favorite media include oil paint, watercolor, and charcoal, but she creates work in a variety of traditional and digital media. In some circles, she has also been known to self-express via written word. Her works have been described as both childish and sophisticated, whimsical, and oftentimes provocative. This website contains only a small sampling of her more professional works, but her personal catalogue is as vast and varied as her spirit and imagination allow.

Beth is currently pursuing her MFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art & Design. She holds a BFA in Painting from Arizona State University, as well as an AA in Visual Communication from Collins College. Having always aspired to become an artist by trade, the bulk of her career as been spent in the more practical field of design. She has over 2 decades worth of experience in logo design, direct mail, and various other production-oriented design jobs.


Her restless and nomadic soul has transported her from Virginia to Arizona and back again, never mind her fanciful trips around the sun and stars. Where is Beth today? Frequently aloof, with her head in the clouds, Beth is most often seen lost among her many daydreams. Who knows what she'll get into next?

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