About Beth Little

Once upon a time in the rural community of Cedar Bluff, Virginia, I was born into the mindset of a person destined to be creative. Ever since I learned to hold a crayon, I've had the need to draw, write or dream up something new. This passion for transforming ideas into things that are tangible has morphed from making my mother angry over the doodles left inside school books, to building print advertisements on a computer, to creating series after series of paintings.

One of my earliest childhood achievements was the creation of my own comic book character, Bloodhound, P.I. As a teenager, I went on to draw portraits of my favorite celebrities (an adolescent trait that has stuck with me to this day). I even painted a dinosaur mural in my mom's 7th grade biology lab, which to date is my largest work (it made the local newspaper)! After graduating high school, I moved across the country to Tempe, Arizona, to study graphic design at Al Collins Graphic Design School. There, I developed a strong passion for typography and color theory, finally becoming a designer myself.


I got married and lived in Arizona for over 20 years, during which time I went back to school to pursue more knowledge of my first love: fine art. There, at Arizona State University, I truly honed my existing skills while finding a new love for art history and even creative writing. While going through my divorce, I relocated back to Virginia. Currently based in Roanoke, I work most regularly in watercolor, ink, and/or pastels. My other favorites are oils, pencil, and charcoal. I hope to find my way into the Roanoke art community and begin to show my work locally. Also, in the near future, I plan to publish some art books, a tarot deck, some creative non-fiction, and other projects.

You might be familiar with my major bodies of work under the former-married name of Beth Jorgensen. These include the "buzz and hum" series, which explored various emotional and surreal themes in nature, as well as the "Take the Stairs" series, which featured people in awkward situations inside elevators. I have always been drawn to contemporary artwork that employs elements of subtle humor and whimsy. My personal work runs a wide and oftentimes provocative spectrum, ranging from childish to realistic and everything in between.

Left: Pictured with the "Take the Stairs" series during a show with RAW Artists at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Photo Credit: Ian Need

Below: Self Portrait

Curriculum Vitae


BFA with concentration in Painting | Arizona State University | 2007

AA in Visual Communication | Al Collins/Collins College | 1996

Related Work Experience

Owner | Daydream Daredevil Publications | Roanoke, VA | 2017-present

Independent Contractor | Clipper Magazine | Lancaster, PA | 2017-present

Book Illustrator | Multiple Clients | 2010-present

Senior Desktop Artist | Valassis | Phoenix, AZ | 2010-2017

Contract Illustrator | FifthTee | online client | 2016

Contract Illustrator | SheKnows Magazine | online client | 2013-2015

Production Artist | Advo/Valassis | Phoenix, AZ | 1997-2010


RAW Artists | 2011-present; AIGA | 2013-2017